Automatic Bar Feeder and Automatic Sanding

Automatic Bar Feeder and Automatic Sanding, Automatic Round Rod Feeder

Product Model : AF-80


Product Feature


Automatic Round Rod Feeder


  • Designed and buit well suited for automatic feeding workpiece materials such as wood bar, Acrylic, Bakelite and metal bar……etc.
  • Conventional trouble as feed speed not synchronize, easy wear on conveyor belt, or low production efficiency…… Now all trouble can be full solved with the AF-80 Automatic Round Rod Feeder.
  • Easy synchronized speed adjustment by simply turning speed adjust knob.
  • Number of stick in feed chute may be preset, thus saves considerable time of stick travel in feeder itself.
  • While AF-80 attached to two or more Round Rod Sanding Machine (CF-80B, or CF-80B2) what the operator need to do is loading stick into the hopper loader, the machines will perform a completely automatic sandin operations. Thus makes one operator can attend more machines.
  • While AF-80 is in application with Wood Bead Lathe, it help the lathe to increase production efficiency in dead turning operations.
  • Compact constructed throughout saves mounting space.
  • Flat conveyor belt eliminate troublesome centering problem.

Product Specification

Range of working diameter Ø10 to Ø30mm
Length of hopper loader 1000mm
Hopper loader capacity 450x225mm
Feed speed 4-22m/min. (infinitely variable)
Conveyor belt size 35x2800mm
Conveyor table vertical, adjustment 50mm
Number of feed chain 3 pieces
Chain driver motor 1/8 HP
Belt driver notor 1/8 HP
Machine size (L x W x H) 1800x1000x1120mm
Machine size (L x W x H) 1450x900x1060mm
Net weight 260kg
Gross weight 350kg

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