Woodworking Machinery Suppliers and Manufacturers

CHING-FENG set up in 1972, specializes in designing and manufacturing a comprehensive line of rod processing machines. Manufacturing premium quality, high performance, maximum security machines is our commitment. Our woodworking machinery for sale include round rod milling machines, rod sanding machines, double belted round rod sanding machines and round rod moulders. Apart from rod processing machines, we also have years of experience in providing wood blind & wood shutter processing machines. We welcome you to visit our web site. Kindly send us your enquiry. We assure you of our high quality, prompt delivery and the most competitive prices.

Also, among the materials used, some wood laminates and board types that can be recycled are deemed environmen tally friendly furniture and quite contributory to the greening of the planet earth. Therefore, the potential of the furniture industry is virtually unlimited!

Without regard to how popular or prosperous the various technological products,biotechology or computer industry products become, products made from wood will never be replaced in the long run. The consumer's perception of products manufactured from wood can be either one of economy or a perception of exceptional value. Consequently, in the future most wooden products and wooden furniture will always be considered as high quality-value added luxury items of timeless value that truly enrich one's life.
Taiwan woodworking machinery fits in the prestigious catgory of being the 3rd largest machine export quantity in the world. Taiwan has struggled on research and development for precise quality for the past 10 years. Many local manufacturers have cooperated successfully with partners in europe and Japan to improve machinery quality and meet or exceed these partners' expectations. Moreover, the Taiwan's company rapid response, quick product delivery and outstandingly high level of cooperation coupled with reasonable pricing has promoted many Taiwan manufacturers to be the best exporters in Asia.

Even in the North America, Europe and African marketplaces, you will find many Taiwan woodworking manufacturers have established their own brand(or manufacture products under a proprietary customer's brand name) so that truly "Made in Taiwan" denotes meaningful quality identification. Taiwan manufacturers possess the knowledge and communication skill to provide a complete factory layout and actual factory machinery plan, design to fully integrate the various machines necessary to completely manufacture your goods. This fully integrated machine proposal extends beyond purchasing and accurate shipment to on-site assembly, installation, machine function training and continued customer service.