Carbide Tool Grinder, Carbide Grinding

Carbide Tool Grinder, Carbide Grinding, Carbide Tool Grinding

Product Model : GR-150


Product Description


Carbide Tool Grinder - Grinding carbide knife Grinding carbide saw (Simple type)
Carbide Grinder - Grinding router bit (Simple type)
Grinding carbide knife Grinding carbide saw
(Simple type)
Grinding router bit
(Simple type)

Product Feature

Carbide Grinding

Carbide Tool Grinder for general knifes with low volume and lots of variety.
Economical and efficient for cutters and with three additional functions. (Optional)

Product Specification

Carbide Tool Grinding

Range of work diameter Ø230 x Ø200mm(Ø9"x8")
Range of work length Ø508 x Ø9.5mm (Ø20" x 3/8")
Drive motor 200x38x6.5mm
Vaccum suction motor Ø13mm(Ø1/2")
Maximum working size 255mm(10")
Belt speed diamond wheel Ø150xØ16mm
Feed speed 4600R.P.M
Motor Grinding wheel 1HP
Cooling system 1/8HP
Machine size (L x W x H) 760x890x1400mm
Machine size (L x W x H) 1020x1020x990mm
Net weight 255kg
Gross weight 355kg

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